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Memeorial Day 2009 - 1

Another hot and sunny Memorial Day weekend at Lake Havasu. The bikini girls are hot. The beer is cold. The fun never stops!

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Labor Day 2009 - 1

Heating up the desert. Lake Havasu Laorday Weekend 2009. Bring on the party!

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Memorial Day 2003 - 1

Lake Havasu Memorial Day weekend 2003. Copper Canyon bikini party action. Boobs, Beads, Booze and Boats.

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Labor Day 2002 - 1

Wild party action at Lake Havasu. Labor Day Weekend 2002. Lots of babes and performance boats.

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Memorial Day 2002 - 1

Cruising the Channel at Lake Havasu on Memorial Day weekend 2002. Tons of hot boats, bikini babes, beer, booze and crazy party action.

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